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automate snacking station for your business and people. 

go with the way you want for your workplace.

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Fueling your people with positivity and productivity!

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why Snacksbuddy?

  • upgrade pantry with better stuff 

  • spice up workplace culture

  • go healthier, fancier and varieties

  • bring in happier factor to work

  • perfect perk for everyone

  • boost morale and productivity 

  • build better sustainable environment

  • be your people's featured workplace ! 

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snacks selection

what kind of snacks selection?

single-serve packs of 20 to 40 grams

our owned-label as well as global brands

sustainable packaging reliably sourced

bulk packs of 400 grams to 1 kg

constant flow of newly-added snacks


snacks library is always reviewed


where do you start?

start automating your snacks ordering.

enjoy the experiences to: 

  • build your snacking station of any size 

  • experience curated and ever-rotating snacks

  • customise based on your snack preferences

  • keep re-filling stocks with the ones you love

  • turn on auto-delivery mode and leave the rest to us 

  • pause-and-resume whenever you need to

  • subscribe to enjoy free shipping and convenience ever

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why subscribe?



  • digitise regular ordering

  • easy & convenience forever

  • hassle-free transaction

  • timely arrangement

  • flexible payment modes

  • free shipping delivery

  • access to wide range

  • single point solution

  • all on one platform

how it works?

get a plan & sign up online to be contacted.

roll out your auto-delivery service instantly.

sit back & enjoy the ever-rotating snacks!

how it works
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what do our clients say?

"Thanks Snacksbuddy for the wide selection of better snacking options, timely and attentive customer service! Highly recommended for corporates!"

MICRON Singapore

"Our people love the happy factor that Snacksbuddy bring into the office, with a tinge of surprise and positivism when it arrived"

Union International Trading

"Great selection of healthier snacks for the office! Great for a quick recharge throughout the day and helps to create conversations in the pantry."


"We have been with Snacksbuddy for years and are happy to be continuously serviced based on our needs."

GSK Singapore

hey, they're not just snacks, but a people business... 

customer reviews

get it delivered

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OMG! No more good snacks! When is Snacksbuddy coming back the office? 

Partnering Towards Workplace Betterment.

Wide range of better snacks

100% commitment to clients

Dedicated service and support

Hassle-free easy ordering

Enjoy free subscription delivery

Towards sustainability with reliable sources

Want to get a trial kit before signing up?

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