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One of the most value-adding snacking experiences!


To inspire healthier snacking in every workplace and home, and to play active part to the global sustainability movement. 


An inspiring name at every workplace and community. 


We care for the well-being of every individual and we work to cause a social impact in every community we serve.

who are


We originated in offering a unique experiential service in healthier snacking at office workplaces, with a single objective to promote better snacking and to encourage employers to adopt a conscious mind in providing better quality and wider selection of snacks for their employees. 

We bring additional value-adding services including wellness tea & drinks to complement the healthy snacks, and care packs that are well-curated & eco-friendly.


We fuel high-performing and inspiring companies with simple & convenient ways to enhance liveliness in their offices, by bringing easy access to quality, delicious and healthier snacks at different scale of work stations.

During the Covid period, our commitment goes to helping the supporting firms in delivering the healthy snacks care packs to their employees at home and sending donations, on behalf, to whoever is concerned. 

We serve some homes with their favourite choices of snacks that are affordable and of quality. 

We believe in 'snacks-inspired wellness' that brings happiness to everyone and our efforts go into ensuring non-guilt munching and green practices that improve both social & environmental performance, while meeting the consumer needs.

We work with partners who are socially responsible and engage in good practices to play a contributing role to the global sustainability movement. 

We are Snacksbuddy, a small company with a big mission.

by the founder of Snackbuddy



our practices

Snacksbuddy™ is pleased to announce our partnership with SOC "@SustainOurCommunities" which is an online B2B & B2C marketplace to promote sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly products. #socialmarketplace
Being one of the vetted suppliers, Snacksbuddy's green practices include recycleable & biodegradable packaging, as well as single-serve convenience, food freshness, dietary awareness and waste reduction. #sustainablesourcing
Together, we care for the people we serve ❤️ #snacksbuddysg #sustainourcommunities