How advance should I make an order?

At least 3 weeks in advance for the next delivery schedule, or next month's delivery.

What if I need to cancel/ pause or revise an order?

Please inform our support at hello@snacksbuddy.com in at least 2 weeks prior delivery date, or within 7 days upon ordering. We will try our best to meet your request, as far as we are able to. Thanks for your understanding in the interim.

What will we receive for our order?

Each order of an office box comprises of around 100-120 individual single-serving snack packs across a good mix of healthier snacks, thoughtfully curated for your office consumption. Snacks are of reputatable brands from both locals and overseas, widely from Australia, US, UK, Singapore and the rest of South East Asia. Alongside with the healthier snacks, each office will receive the snacksbuddy countertop display stand/s for your office designated spot/s which symbolizes a healthier choice for the people. Depending on the size of the office, we're happy to provide more countertop stands for visibility to your people.

What are the payment modes?

Payment can be done via the following based on clients' preferences: 1. Cheque 2. PayNow send to corporate UEN 3. Banking transfer 4. Credit card Only for auto-renewal subscribers, we are able to set up a payment account with your credit-term in our system for convenience in future payment.

Do the snacks have any shelf life and are safe to consume?

Yes, all snack packs delivered will have a printed expiry date or best before date. Under our Terms of Services, any consumer is responsible to check these consumable dates before consumption, as well as the ingredients label in case of any allergies cases, as we do not bear responsibility to any health concerns, injury or damage to anyone in the event.

What kind of snacks are offered by snacksbuddy?

In our library of snacks, all the healthier snacks in curation are largely dried snacks categorized under: - nuts, seeds, trail mixes - cookies, biscuits, crackers - energy, protein bars, granolar & oat bites - popcorns & pretzels - chips & crisps, veggie snacks - freeze dried fruit crisps - superhealthy organic *We allow customization of snacks based on office preference and review preference each month, or on regularly basis to keep clients' box fresh with good contents and brands.

How do we know how much to order for the office?

We cater to any office sizes; subject to the varying consumption rate in each office, we suggest a box as trial first, and adjust the amount as well as the snack types preferences if needed. As a example, for office with (<20 staff), it can be 1-2 boxes per month. For office with (20-80 staff), it can be 2-3 boxes. For office with (80-150 staff), it can be 3-4 boxes. For office with (150-300 staff), it can be 4 boxes and more. For office more than 300 staff, we customize the pricing and amounts based on economic of scale. On top of provision of snacks, we also offer the full pantry service. Please inquire in and we will work with you.

Can we order only one box to try?

Yes absolutely! You can order just one box to try out at your office to check on any positive appeals. If all works out positively, you can consider coming on board with a 6 or 12-month subscription to enjoy a wholesome more delicious healthy snacks and wellness benefits. For more inquiries on subscriptions, please contact our support at hello@snacksbuddy.com.

What are the benefits of being a subscriber of Snacksbuddy?

For subscription clients, employees are able to enjoy several corporate wellness perks, alongside some featured snack deals, which snacksbuddy partnered with.

What are the different kinds of subscriptions we can consider?

- We offer both on-demand, and 6 or 12-month subscriptions. - Pricing depends on office size and snack type preferences. - Plans can be based on your budget. For quotation and catalog, please contact us.

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