what's more about us?

1. Single Serve Convenience & Dietary Awareness


All our snacks come in individual single-serve packs with nutrition labels. Single-serve packaging has increased in popularity with many busy consumers, at work or home, wanting convenience, and portions that fit their needs. At workplaces, workers with busy schedule want to grab on-the-go packs and ‘utilize’ them while moving, or later on at their desk station. Portion-sized meals and good snacking are rapidly shaping the need for single-serve packaged snacks especially for the health-conscious individuals.

Our way of packaging also results in prevention of over-indulgence, lesser food wastage and an environment that is less messy, and healthier with lesser house-keeping issues.  

2. Green Packaging & Eco-Friendly Practices

Snacksbuddy’s green packaging practices include having all our delivery boxes, snack display stands and gifting boxes to be corrugated that is made from renewable sources. Our packaging materials are environmental-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable.

For workplaces, we practise partial reusing of these delivery packaging boxes, only those which are still in good condition with our clients. Delivery boxes contain single-packed snacks which helps retain the condition of box. All clients would store the delivered snack boxes until the next delivery where we would pick them up and take back for review on a reuse possibility with the same client. For boxes which no longer in good condition, we would replace with a new one.  For homes, we practise poly mailers or paper bags which are also eco-friendly.


3. Freshness for Snack Food Packaging

Single-serve snack packaging has revolutionized the ability to maintain freshness. Before, buying a container of cookies or a bag of chips usually resulted in stale food or the temptation to over-indulge to avoid waste. Now, our consumers can always get individual packs of crackers, oats or granola, and are guaranteed to enjoy a fresh snack without having to re-organize products into larger fresh-seal containers. However, in some situations where some clients request to go-green without having too much packaging material involved, we supply air-tight containers, and jars, dispensers to further meet their needs.  


4. Towards Sustainability, A Workplace We Care

By combining single-serve convenience, freshness, dietary awareness, and waste reduction, Snacksbuddy believes in engaging with practices that work towards sustainability, and with social trends and consumer needs evolving, we at the same time adopt a conscious mindset on tracking a sustainable consumer behaviour – one that improves social and environmental performance, as well as meets the needs every workplace, and worker.