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what do we practise?

Single serve convenience & responsible consumption


  • All snacks come in individual single-serve packaging which has increased in popularity with many busy consumers, at work or home, wanting convenience, and portions that fit their needs. Portion-sized meals and better snacking are rapidly shaping the need for such smaller packaged snacks especially for more health-conscious working individuals. 

  • Help prevent over-indulgence and lesser food wastage, hence an environment that is less messy, and healthier with lesser house-keeping issues.  

  • In situations where businesses wish to go greener without having too much packaging material involved, we work towards striking a balance - as noting that during this global pandemic, the best practice now is still to avoid any sharing of food. We do supply snacks dispensers on very needful basis. 

Managing packaging for a sustainable future

  • We partner with reliable sources on packaging that is made of environmental-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable materials.

  • We adopt partial reusing of delivery boxes, only those still in good condition. Boxes contain individual packs which helps retain the condition of box. Customers would store these boxes until next delivery where we would pick them up and review on a reuse possibility. Non-reusable boxes would be replaced with a new one. 


Freshness for good health & well-being

  • Smaller packaging has revolutionized the ability to maintain freshness. Before, buying a container of cookies or a bag of chips usually resulted in stale food or the temptation to over-indulge to avoid waste. Now, customers can get small individual packs of crackers, oats or granola, and are guaranteed to enjoy a fresh snack without having to re-organize products into larger fresh-seal containers. 

Towards global sustainable development goals (SDGs)

  • We believe in prioritizing practices to meet specific global sustainable development goals and continuing to improve the social and environmental performance, as well as to make life better at every workplace. 

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